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“OLS came to be an instrumental part of leading me toward organizational thinking and good habits. These new skills have promoted time management and clarity of thought, which in turn, have brought more peace, joy, and confidence into my everyday life.” -Christa

Emily was such a big help to me! My house was a disaster and I was so frustrated and embarrassed by it. But she made me feel comfortable right away. She’s very energetic and has great ideas about how to organize things – things I’d never thought of. Each time she came I could see the progress we were making. Now that we are done working together, I have systems in place that help keep me organized. Even if I get really busy and let things go for awhile, it never takes me long to get it back under control.

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“Thank you Emily for your help with getting me organized. Everything seemed so simple after you had laid the groundwork. I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted.  I also want to mention that a time came when I couldn’t stay real dedicated to keeping up the order. Life just happens. But I got back on track very quickly. It was easier to find the time, and with the instructions you had left for me, I got everything back in order with very little effort.” -Peggy

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“I worked with OLS to downsize from my home to a senior apartment. We went through every part of my house, determining what to keep, donate, or sell. OLS made the experience a positive one.” -Helen

“I really do feel empowered to make things better after our work sessions. Our living space is so much better than it was a year ago. I absolutely appreciate your abilities and talents to help us with this.” -Chris

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My house had become a nightmare. Room by room, Emily worked to make it a home. What a blessing to have my house under control again! I’ll never regret the investment I made! -Carol

Hi Emily

I was cleaning out my file cabinet yesterday (long overdue) and found your notes from our meetings five years ago–Amazing!!  Wanted you to know that I still use the hanging file organizer we set up and whenever things get out of control I can still hear you saying “like with like.”

Your service was the best money I have ever spent. Just wanted to let you know that you have made a life lasting impression on how I do things.

Best and warmest regards,



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