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Emily Fitzgerald 1Emily gives presentations on organizing topics to local businesses, community and networking groups. She can customize any topic and presentation for your group.

Call 260/450-1289 or email to discuss details.

Emily also teaches four different classes she has developed on various organizing topics through PFW’s Division of Continuing Studies.

  • Paper Organizing: Increase your Productivity
  • Clutter Control:  Home Organizing
  • Digital Organizing
  • Organizing to Downsize

Paper Organizing: Increase your Productivity

Description:  Are you overwhelmed by the piles on your desk, counter tops, and even the floor?  Do you waste time looking for important papers?  Do you get stuck when you try to get things organized?  This two-part class will cover how to set up a system to deal with the paper in your home or office.  Emily will show you the tools you need and tips to help you set up your system so it’s tailored to you and the way you process information, as well as your individual space.

Clutter Control:  Home Organizing

Is your home a source of frustration instead of peace and calm?  Are the piles of stuff overwhelming you and you get sidetracked every time you try to get organized? Do you waste a lot of time looking for things?  Emily will teach you the basic process to organize any space in your home, from the coat closet to the kitchen and everything in between.  Come see the best organizing products on the market and learn helpful storage tips.  We’ll talk about a few ways to make organizing fun (yes, it can be!) and help you create the home of your dreams.

Digital Organizing

In a new world of smartphones, tablets, and access to limitless information online, keeping track of it all can be overwhelming.  Emily will share the best apps and tools for organizing the information and maximizing your efficiency.  Email, tasks lists, and computer files are just a few of the topics that will be covered, along with how to go paperless in relation to business cards, office paperwork, personal finances, photos, recipes, and more.

Organizing to Downsize

Do you want to downsize and move to a smaller home?  Do you have a parent, family member, friend or client that is facing what seems to be the overwhelming task of going through a lifetime of possessions to enter a condo or assisted-living facility?

In the first class, learn how to jump start the process of downsizing, how to set aside the emotional aspects of letting go of ‘stuff’, how to include family members, and establish goals.  The second class provides easy-to-use tips to help you set and meet your specific goals for downsizing, guidelines for keeping documents and shredding papers, and ‘letting go’ without losing memories. Also included will be techniques to stage a home to impress potential buyers.

Call IPFW at 260-481-6619 or Email “Roxanne Kingsbury” at IPFW to register. 

Emily Fitzgerald 2Read what others have to say in their own words…

“Emily is delightful! She communicates clearly, is full of energy, is very well-prepared and uses lots of fun examples. She covered a broad range of situations and I’m so excited to implement her ideas!”

“Emily is extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic. She gave so many practical tips that are easy to apply. It was great and the only recommendation would be to make it longer!”

“This was an excellent class! I enjoyed both the class on “Paper Management” and “Organizing the Home.” You covered so much material with lots and lots of suggestions, but the time flew by and you made it fun. Thank you for the well-organized handouts to take home for further study.”

“Thank you again for being the keynote speaker at the Jay County Hospital Health Fair. It was such a pleasure meeting you. Your presentation was excellent and got excellent reviews. You are an amazing young woman and will no doubt be very successful in your business endeavors. Again, it was a pleasure working with you.”

–Deb Arnold, Organizer of Jay County Hospital Health Fair


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