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With Emily’s help, I have de-cluttered my office, changed my filing system altogether (which saves me more time than I could have imagined), and implemented improved systems for prioritizing and completing tasks. My staff is so impressed! They are even more impressed with how easy it has been for me to maintain my new systems and clean office.

I was surprised at how quickly Emily was able to assess my personal work habits and recommend affordable, realistic solutions.  I originally thought I just needed to clean out my files and organize my office, but Emily’s recommendations went far beyond tidying things up. I could not have gotten to this place on my own. I feel like I have gained hours in my day! Some other unexpected results were that I’m less stressed and I’m on time for appointments; two things I couldn’t say “pre-Emily.”

Not only was the result exactly what I needed, but working with Emily was fun. She is genuine, compassionate and light-hearted. Our meetings were as enjoyable as they were effective.

I strongly recommend Emily for anyone who is feeling unorganized, inefficient, and could use more time in their personal or professional day.

Anne Davis
Executive Director
Spiece Fitness

In the start-up phase of our business, I focused completely on all aspects of product development, production, and sales launch – to the detriment of my office organization. This began to affect my productivity as I could not always find what I needed. 

Emily was objective in her approach – no judgments about my work habits. She prioritized and organized all of the many facets of my work, in ways that made sense to me. This provides needed ease and momentum for me to maintain this organization. Emily created a logical filing system and offered suggestions to help me keep my space organized. I highly recommend working with Emily. It is a great investment in your success.

Melinda Schriver
LacPro LLC

Emily was wonderful to work with. She involved me in designing an organization system that would work for me rather than imposing a “one size fits all approach”.

Mike Landram
President, Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce

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It has been my pleasure to work with Ms. Emily Fitzgerald and her wonderful company. She has had a significant effect on our company’s productivity.  Through the demonstration and training of a proper way to set up, track and follow up on our various tasks and paper work she has been able to reduce the stress in the work place while increasing the through-put. Most employees are delightfully surprised by the ease of the new processes she has them integrate and the results they see. In addition she is herself a delight to work with, never flustered or caught of guard by the ever changing requirements handed to her. I can quite safely say Emily has always brought everything to the task at hand and more than returned her fee in results.

Wayne M. Shive
President, Nu-Tec Coatings, LLC

Working with Emily turned a task I’d put off and dreaded into a fun, easy, relatively simple task. She absolutely goes above and beyond. I expected to be told what to do and feared that I wouldn’t be able to stick to it. Instead she took the time to see what would work for me and my work style and it did work. Money well spent!

Emily Osbun Bermes, MA, CPCC
President of Solstice Coaching and Consulting


Dear Emily:

The first hour of our meeting, where we spent reviewing my average day and then setting up computer systems, was the BEST time management training I’ve ever experienced. It was so focused on my situation vs. general suggestions.

The action and reference file systems we set up are working out GREAT. I’ve tried action and reference systems before. However, this system is personalized to my needs so it didn’t take long for the systems to become a habit.

I want to thank you for your listening skills.  I was expecting a “cookie cutter” approach, and your people skills really assisted me in organizing my space in a way that feels very comfortable and natural to me.

Thank you again and the house is next!

Dear Emily,

I wanted to write you a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your time and energy in helping me get organized. My office is a space I’m proud of now, which is no small accomplishment!  Your creative solutions, your persistence in clearing through my papers, and your attention to detail made the entire experience (which I’d been dreading) a pleasure instead.




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